Pastor Mike McBride is a pastor, faith leader, political strategist, trainer, organizer, speaker, storyteller and cross sector convener who works at the intersection of racial justice and black liberation campaigns. Below you can learn more about the specific ways his gifts show up in the world.


LIVE FREE - A campaign led by hundreds of faith leaders and congregations across the country who are committed to ending the mass criminalization of people of color using our Body, our Ballot and our Bucks. Our work focuses on: (1) scaling up public health and community centered gun violence prevention programs in urban communities; (2) dismantling the systems that sustain and lead to the mass incarceration of black and brown people; (3) ending voter suppression and restoring the voting rights of those formerly incarcerated (4) increasing economic vitality for those directly impacted through guaranteed income and guaranteed opportunities strategies.

Black Brown Gun Violence Prevention Consortium - The Black and Brown Gun Violence Prevention Consortium serves as the conduit to identify, assess, and coordinate strategies in communities impacted by the cycle of violence. Rather than infiltrate cities with one size fits all methodologies, the BBGVPC is responsive by implementing or expanding grassroots approaches that integrate local champions, align local resources, and garner political will in order to build safe and sustainable communities.


The Way Church, Berkeley, CA - This is a vibrant and growing congregation of Christ followers (and skeptics), deeply informed by the black pentecostal church tradition, committed to forming individuals after the ways of Jesus. Led by Pastor Mike and a gifted network of trained pastors, ministers and seasoned saints, The Way Church is a church where people find a place to belong as they: Connect to God and others through worship, grow in their faith through discipleship and serve the world through justice and mercy.


Black Church PAC - The Black Church PAC is a strategic initiative of prominent black church faith leaders, influencers and laity, answering the call to elect leaders committed to ending mass incarceration, defending the right to vote, curbing gun violence, and representing the equitable treatment of black and brown communities. Pastor Mike is a co-founder of Black Church PAC.

Faith in Action - Faith in Action is a national community organizing network that gives people of faith the tools that they need to fight for justice and work towards a more equitable society. We believe in a society free of economic oppression, racism and discrimination in which every person lives in a safe and healthy environment, is respected and included, and has agency over the decisions that shape their lives.


LIVE FREE Training at Willow Creek / The Justice Conference


Jezebel Unhinged Book Talk w/ Dr. Tamura Lomax

Touch Yo Neighbor Podcast - Pastor Mike engages in enlightening and humorous conversations with some of his closest friends and leaders he holds in high esteem about matters of faith, culture, activism and politics. Get ready to Touch Yo Neighbor...with consent...and be transformed!

LIVEFREEtv - LIVEFREEtv is a storytelling platform which seeks to amplify and curate content which features and centers activists, organizers and grassroots leaders doing work at the intersection of faith, racial justice and organizing.